custom iems
custom iems
  • Slimer (1D)
    An analog of Shure SE215, but with a more vibrant low-frequency band.

  • Casper (1BA)
    This model has a clear sound with a light bass.

  • Fantom (2BA)
    The sound of this model will pleasantly surprise you. The low-frequency band sounds rather smooth, the mid-range is pure with detailed high frequencies.
  • Spawn (2BA)
    Dual driver monitors with a more moderate bass compared to Fantom.

  • Fury (3BA)
    The model has a clear frequency response and a pure detailed sound.

  • Rage (3BA)
    Vibrant sound with a punching bass.

  • Anger (3BA)
    The sound of the model is a rather melodic one, so it’s perfect for music lovers who enjoy listening to different genres.

  • Valkyrie (4BA)
    The best bass model with a powerful low-frequency band, and a soft high and mid-range. It is perfect for drummers and bass guitar performers.
  • Alcina (4BA)
    The model has a powerful punching low-frequency band and uplifted high-frequency band.

  • Lamia (4BA)
    This model has a detailed sound, highlighting a clear high-frequency band.

  • Hunter (6BA)
    The leading universal model. It has a smooth linear sound with the most elaborated frequencies.

  • Reshell
    In case your monitors are broken or do not work well, you want them in a different design, or get them customized.
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