terms and conditions
terms and conditions
Manufacturing Process
    Build time of custom in-ear monitors and earplugs, as well as the reshell of your iems, is 4 weeks. Please note that the build time begins from the moment we receive your approved ear impressions, design for ciems or earplugs and the full order payment. If you need your ciems or earplugs sooner we recommend you choose our Rush Order options.
    Since the silicone impressions material might expire and get deformed in course of time, we recommend you send us your ear impressions taken no more than 2 weeks before shipment to us. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that your custom in-ear monitors or earplugs would have a proper fit. The 30-day Fit Guarantee does not cover this case.
    Once received and processed by Artist Monitors, the ear impressions become property of Artist Monitors and will not be returned. Impressions are stored for 2 months and then disposed of.
    The prices for products are those specified on this website. The cost of your ear impressions is not included in the final price, it must be paid directly to the Audiologist. Shipping cost of the completed order is at the expense of the customer.
    Recessed sockets are available upon request. In case we are unable to offer the recessed sockets feature due to the shape and/or size restrictions of your ear, we will continue to build the product with a non-recessed socket.
  • Due to the individual shape and size of each person's ear, the placement of supplied images on the final ciems may vary slightly from the original layout. We strive to reproduce your design as closely as possible to the layout. In case your image does not fit the faceplates proper way, you'll be notified.

  • We make every effort to achieve your desired shell and faceplate color as closely as possible in order to match your design. However the final product may slightly differ in color. We cannot guarantee the exact color match due to the inescapable difference in the color of our materials from the color displayed on your computer screen.

  • Every custom in-ear monitors and earplugs are inspected and tested by our technicians to ensure they meet our product standards. However, we cannot guarantee that there are no micro bubbles in the shells.